It has been long discussed what, how students internalize that what they see, experience with their teachers, parents etc. and how do we really define what intrinsic motivation is (autotelic – feeling the purpose and fulfillment of activity).

In study “Intrinsic Motivation and Autotelic Activity in Students” (Brankovic, Hadzikadunic & Mijanovic, 2017)  authors challenge current perspective of defined intrinsic motivation. Authors suggest that intrinsic motivation, especially in adolescent age 11-14, much depends from identified regulation and what shows as intrinsic motivation. Study showed that high intrinsic motivation showings doesn’t necessarily mean that motivation comes from within (autotelic). Right opposite, it may be imposed as introjection or external regulation by surrounding (parents, friends, media, collective presumptions).

In any way, teachers, educators, and anybody who is in front of youth, with youth has tremendously serious role. He/She either contributes in sparking or covering the real intrinsic motivation of youth, that is named autotelic because it denotes something that is original, creative power.

Article available in Scientific Journal on Sport Kinesiologia Slovenica