The biggest illness according WHO in 2018 is depression. Briefly, it is summarized as lack of motivation and experience of purposeless of life.

In study “Physical Education Experimental Program to Test the Effect on Perceived Competence” (Brankovic & Hadzikadunic, 2017) showed practical example how lesson should be designed in order to foster intrinsic motivation in youth of adolescence age. The example is made for lesson of Physical education. However, authors made valuable contribution of answering a question how teaching process should be organized in accordance to currently popular constructivist approach and traditional, pre modern teaching methods. That means, program is focused on dedicating time for individual development and social engagement which is definition of constructivist and social model teaching approach and program leaves space for critical thinking through liberal arts methodology that employs dialectical approach, reading, logic reasoning and speaking/listening.

Therefore, originality of this work is that integrates traditional pre modern tools known as Liberal Arts and modern, post modern tools that are mostly summarized in Educational Philosophy of Constructivism and Social-Cognitive approach though not explicitly mentioning latter in study.

Article available in Sport Mont Journal