Positive psychology in the end of 20th and in the beginning of the 21st century marked new approach in studies of psychology. Since then several constructs of motivation have been developed such as: Self-Determination Theory, Achievement Goal Theory, Flow Theory, Thriving theory and Sparks, and Mindfulness.

In the study “Experiences of Intrinsic Motivation: A Qualitative Study on Adolescent Experiences” (Brankovic & Badric, 2019) authors indicate possibility to integrate several theoretical constructs of motivation. They found that underlying category and the main motivation need is “the purpose”- it manifests in different ways and it is, therefore, possible to view motivation from different perspectives as different theories define it.

The practical contribution of the study is that it presents Intervention Program that may be an adequate tool to motivate students and above all to enable students conditions to experience intrinsic motivation which is related to positive health and well being outcomes.

Abstract of the article is available on: https://drive.google.com/file/d/134qofW-KLO03_Z6DL9bSvZKLw0kfE4gJ/view (p. 33-34.)