Excellence Academy is grateful that it can celebrate extraordinary achievements of its people and programs in 2019 that are the true foundation for future development.


Academic & Grassroots Actions
Academy engaged Alumni and Academy mentors to share their experiences with young people on a grassroots level. Academy’s people lectured and shared their experiences and motivation on an academic level (Presentation in Australian Olympic Committee, Teacher’s Faculty of the University of Zagreb Centennial Anniversary; Conference on Bioethics on Osijek University, Annual Symposium of Croatian Philosophical Society) as well as in primary school, high school, orphanage village, and center for youth with cancer disease.


Ahmedina (Alumni), Arnela, DĹľelila, and Emina realized the New Year educational and engagement program for youth with cancer disease in Tuzla.

Live & Online Lectures
Academy made real a learning opportunity for organizations and individuals to learn about motivation, social entrepreneurship, branding through live and online lectures.


Excellence Academy panelists – Mentor Vedran Drljević (Journalist at BHRTV), Alumni Azra Fazlić and Milan Todorović

Studies in the Field of Motivation
The founder of the Academy, Edin Brankovic, national team representative in short-track speed skating presented studies in the field of motivation. Studies with theoretical and practical contributions are groundwork that enables future development of the educational programs that the Academy can offer to young people and organizations who want to develop motivating and creative attitudes. In particular, the study presented for the centennial anniversary of the Teacher’s Faculty in Zagreb (University of Zagreb) offers a practical program model that can foster motivation.

Excellence Academy thanks to all its partners, media, and especially to BH Telecom, alumni, and mentors who tirelessly contribute with their support sharing the mission – to support youth to recognize personal values and talents.


Excellence Academy Founder Edin Brankovic with students and staff on the lecture in the First gymnasium that celebrated centennial anniversary in 2019