Excellence Academy has published Newsletter 2021 under the title “The One”. This is fifth anniversary of Excellence Academy and tenth of The One Skating Club, which founded Excellence Academy under the initiative of its member and national team representative in short track speed skating Edin Branković.

Excellence Academy Newsletter 2021 presents how the mission  of The One Club – to be leader in sports and education – has been realized over the timeline of ten years and how Excellence Academy has developed from social project to social enterprenuership model. The Newsletter hosts Excellence Academy Alumni, representatives of BHTelecom, International Olympic Committee, and Yunus Sports Hub, presents activities during the COVID-19 time, introduces new online educational platform www.excellenceacademy.ba, and presents academic studies related to mental health and motivation.

Excellence Academy Newsletter 2021 presents inspiring and educational content in which its contributors share their experiences about education and motivation, social responsibility in business and purpose driven marketing, and how sport can be used as vehicle for sustainable social business and social change. Beside the foreword written by Excellence Academy founder Edin Branković, contributors of Newsletter 2021 are Excellence Academy Alumni Ilma Dedić-Grabus, Milan Todorović and Azra Fazlić , BHTelecom Head of the Department for Management of Promotion Nađa Lutvikadić-Fočo, and Yunus Sports Programme Manager Marisa Schlenker.

Club The One and Excellence Academy are grateful to all partner organizations over the past decade. The special acknowledgement is for BHTelecom, the leading company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has supported continuously the realization of The One Club’s vision – to become leader in sports and education and to share it with young generations.

Excellence Academy Newsletter 2021 THE ONE can be read and downloaded on the following link: https://club.excellenceacademy.ba/newsletters


Excellence Academy Newsletter 2021 THE ONE cover page