Interview with: Ahmedina Smajlovic
Excellence Academy Alumni 2016

Ahmedina Smajlovic, Excellence Academy Alumni 2016, present president of the student’s association of the Faculty of Philosophy (University of Tuzla) together with her three colleagues Arnela Osmanovic, Dzelila Ziga and Emina Mulavdic organized social project for kids with cancer disease. The project brought together kids, their parents, local people, and celebrities in the city of Tuzla.


“I plan to start my own organization when I finish studies.” – Ahmedina Smajlović

  • Can you tell us how did you come up with the idea to make a social project for youth with cancer disease? What was the program of activities and how many kids participated in the program?

I wanted to do something different that is at the same time both interesting and educative for kids. I came up with the idea to organize a visit to the cinema. Unexpectedly, we got a much bigger response from donators so we made a plan and then we adjusted it.

Numerous celebrities answered my call as well as local and foreign donators. The first plan was to organize an event only for kids with cancer disease. Then we changed our plan and we also made a program for the kids who are in the University Clinical Centre of Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on the department of hematology and oncology. Afterwards, we financed winter rehabilitation for twenty kids from the NGO Pipol. They participated in our project together with their parents. I truly believe that these kids with cancer, have to have bigger support.

  • How did you find support for your project?

At first, we got support from our close friends and celebrities. Then we received support from public and private sector.

  • Do You plan to continue social activism, which may turn in social entrepreneurship?

Yes, I have already contributed founding several social projects in Tuzla. Beside these projects I regularly contribute to the projects of other organizations too. They are not only for students. The projects engage different target groups and social l categories that require a special care. I plan to start my own organization when I finish my studies.

  • What is the most memorable impression from the project?

It is surely kids’ gratitude and unexpected support from regular people and organizations. It was ten times bigger than we estimated the initial goal.


Participants of the projects together with Arnela, Dzelila, Emina, and Ahmedina