The Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) continued to be the center of European and world film industry events in 2022. Together with partners, SFF offered new innovations in presenting a positive impact on other social areas as well. One of the leading partners of SFF, BH Telecom, has prepared a special TV program for Moja TV and Moja webTV users this year, which will be broadcast on the MY TV service. Users could watch the all-day festival program, which included a large selection of domestically produced feature films and documentaries.

The special TV program was broadcast live every day of the festival, from 17:00 to 20:00 and was recorded in a specialized TV studio on the red carpet. “Moja TV” (My TV BH Telecom service) users could follow the festival atmosphere via the SFF Red Carpet live camera, from which festival events were broadcast live 24 hours a day.

Many famous personalities supported this activity of BH Telecom, including this year’s Honorary Heart of Sarajevo winners Ruben Ostlund, Mads Mikkelsen and Jesse Eisenberg, who spoke BH Telecom’s slogan “My Sarajevo. My story”. The studio of BH Telecom was also used by the world-famous Variety Television to conduct interviews with them.

MY TV guest was also the founder of the Academy of Excellence, Edin Branković. Edin spoke about his first steps in sport, the greatest successes in the national team jersey through the partnership with BH Telecom, the successes of the  Excellence Academy, the mental preparation of athletes and the values ​​of society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The video is also available on the official You Tube channel of BH Telecom.