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We educate young leaders through sport, formal & non-formal education, and culture programs.




Excellence Academy programs are science-based

Since 2014 we have been working on original scientific research in educational psychology and philosophy of education. Our research is both theoretical and practical, as well as interdisciplinary. It includes application of the general principles of education and psychology in different contexts such as sport, culture, and business.

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The official video prepared for the "Olympism in Action" Forum in Buenos Aires (2018)

Excellence Academy Blog and News

Our blog tells about motivation through neuroscience and cognitive psychology. It is written from the scientific and philosophical perspective but in an understandable language because we strongly believe that the right understanding and step-by step know-how actions are necessary prerequisite for change and transformation.


Invest in the Intellectual Future of Bosnian Youth

Your gift ensures free leadership education for youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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Over the last 5 years we have researched, implemented, and presented both locally and globally successful educational and business models that realize the aim of leadership empowerment.

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Excellence Academy offers trainings in motivation and mental health, the Perennial philosophy and the Philosophy of nothingness, and branding for thriving youth who aim to realize own values and talents.

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    Our Mission

    Excellence Academy aims to educate and prepare morally committed young leaders through sport, formal and non-formal education, and culture programs. The programs are based on developing healthy life-style, leadership, social enterprenuership and cultural understanding skills.