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Our courses are tested-and-proven through scientific research and contextual application in Excellence Academy practice with over 200 young people who participated in the Academy's programs.

On the image, Milan Todorović (Excellence Academy Alumni)





Motivation Decoded

Science-based*, step-by step program how to get motivated and to help thriving youth face fears, uncertainty, stop procrastination, and step into the confidence and get real results in the activities they thrive to attain success.
+ Find out what is your current state of underlying motivation
+ Put yourself out there without worrying about what people may think
+ Learn how to communicate your inner calling for activity you love doing


*Our programs are science-based and, thereby, adaptable to diverse age, interests and professional backgrounds. Read the brief content of the course and join to learn more.

ā€œParticipation on the Academy expanded my horizons and my knowledge is definitely enriched. I was really glad to meet all these young and motivated people who believe in better tomorrow and know what they want to make from their future. I would recommend to all youth not to circumvent this type of education. Such education is truly needed if we want to see with different vision.ā€

Maida Cetin
Founder & CEO Wedding Decorations C&D - Excellence Academy Alumni



Introduction to the Perennial Philosophy and the Philosophy of Nothingness

Gain an insight why these philosophies offer answers to wide range of questions that were asked through other philosophical movements of XIX and XX cent. such as cognition, mental health, ecology, technology, culture, religiosity, etc.
+ Learn the fundamentals of holistic and traditional philosophical and scientific approach
 + Get fundamental resources that enable you to continue your self-mastery
 + Discover a way how to exit "crisis of meaning" or mental health issues


*Our programs are philosophical and science-based and, thereby, adaptable to diverse age, interests and professional backgrounds. Read the brief content of the course and join to learn more.

ā€œThe Academy has helped me to perceive today's fast life tempo and that I need to use every chance that is offered to me. Also, I have found partly an answer what do I want to be when I grow up which is very important to me. Feelings that I have experienced in the days of the Academy left a great mark on my heart and in my head.ā€
Milan Todorović

Chief Sec. Officer INTESA San Paolo Bank - Excellence Academy Alumni



Athlete : BRAND BOSS

Many athletes use social media but they often forget that anything posted online is actually their (potential) advertisement? Anybody who is serious about being athlete must start thinking about online identity.
+Learn about how you can last in your sport thorough defining your unique brand and sport persona
+Learn rules of your online presence that attracts sponsors & clients
+Learn how not to be distracted by social media because studies show that higher usage of social media affects negatively your performance


This program can be modified for thriving early stage entrepreneurs. Read the brief content of the course and join to learn more.

ā€œAcademy consists of ideal elements of informal education and motivation tools that are perfectly connected in one unit that enables participant to grasp wholistic picture about his position in society, opportunities that are offered to him and ways how he can become excellent and useful member of society.ā€

Vladimir Čolaković
TV Host and Ed. in Chief O Channel - Excellence Academy Alumni



Excellence Academy Courses and Workshops are Based on Science and Philosophy Research Methodologies

Since 2017 number of studies we have published in well-known international journals and we have presented on the international events. Also, the practical application of these studies has been presented through out the model of Excellence Academy on the International Olympic Committee events in Lausanne, Buenos Aires and Tokyo since 2017.

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