On 5th and 6th October 2016, Edin Brankovic, M.Sc., Excellence Academy founder, will be presenting the Academy on the “Olympism in Action” forum organized by International Olympic Committee (IOC) right before the beginning of Youth Olympic Games (YOG) 2018 in Buenos Aires (Argentina). This participation is great recognition for Bosnia  and Herzegovina, NOC BiH, SF BiH.

For this occasion Excellence Academy prepared video that tells about Academy mission. In the video, young Bosnian journalist Vladimir Čolaković and founder of the Academy and national team athlete in short track speed skating, Edin Brankovic have a conversation about the Academy, Sport and its Values.

Forum will be organized for the first time and it attracts lot of attention of world media because participants of the Forum will be representatives of Olympic Champions, IOC Commissions, United Nations, Young Change-Makers, experts, academics, governmental and non-governmental organizations, Olympic refuge teams, sports federations, majors of Olympic cities, Olympic partners etc.

Take a look at above video with whom Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo and Excellence Academy will be presented on the “Olympism in action” Forum.