Milan is co-founder of NGO Nautilus and he was the president for several years. He has continued to lead and support Organization as chair of the board members.

Raiffesien bank, Microsoft, Intesa Sanpalo bank, NGO Nautilus are all organizations in which Milan Todorović have worked on different projects related to IT, business and social development. We are honored that Milan is one of fifteen Alumni of the first Excellence Academy edition (2016). Currently, Milan  works in Intesa Sanpaolo bank on informational security and he is a chairman of NGO board that he co-founded with his colleagues when he was finishing his high school. We beginning of 2019 to recap some of actives that Milan has achieved are motivating to all of us in our endeavors to develop ourselves in different fields of our interests, weather they are business, art, sport business or well being.

Reviewing busy couple years while he was on his BA studies and working on important projects for Raiffeisen Bank and Microsoft Milan says:

«The last year was really exciting for me, with lot of downs and even more ups. I finished my last year of studies Development of business informational systems on Faculty of Economics and Business in Sarajevo. During the last year of my studies I reflected about myself and taught of my future. Some decisions I made were not greatest. With support of my friends I realized that we cannot escape from worries but if we truly want something we can overcome them and continue in forward direction. I got an opportunity to work on development of Raiffesien internet platform with seven colleagues. I have learned business culture while I was working on the project. Afterwards, I got an opportunity to work on Microsoft “Network 8 – Make IT cLOUD» which brings together young and perspective professionals interested in IT and helps them to attain new knowledge and skills. I was really inspired after this conference and then I focused to finish my studies. On recommendation of Prof. Dr. Kemal Kačapor I got an opportunity for employment in Intesa Sanpaolo Bank. Now I work in the Bank on informational security sector. I am much honored to work with our director and colleagues in this project. They give me support and encourage me.»

Milan’s working day is composed of duties related to work and time dedicated to his other interests and well-being. Being awake from early morning and going in bed early is a key that helps to maintain everyday balance and rhythm.


Milan’s daily schedule is highly organized. He is in charge of IT security in Intesa San Paolo Bank, does activities for personal development and supports youth to grow through NGOs

«My day is very busy and highly organized. I sometimes got tired, sometimes. It depends from the tasks. However, the most important to me is that I leave for work and come back from it with a smile. Afterwards, I go on activities for personal development such as foreign language course, volunteering in NGOs, spending time with perspective young people, visiting psychologist etc. Also, I spend my free time to write business projects and to develop software solutions which gives me fulfillment and brings my dreams in realization.

Milan is one of co-founders of youth NGO Nautilus and he feels special emotions to it. Together with his colleagues he managed to build NGO with strong reputation and recognition.

«I was president for four years and we laid the foundations for the organization such as infrastructure, policies and procedures, decisions, branding and other significant documents. We have managed to bring forth the organization on a high level with support of SOS Bosnia and Herzegovina, KULT institute and other organizations. Our key values are: freedom of thought, equality, humanity and transparency.”

Milan has been selected to become a chair of the NGO board and he continues to share his knowledge and experience with new, younger colleagues who are on the mission to continue socially responsible work that Milan and his colleagues founded before them. One of this projects is «Care Leavers Voices».

«NGO Nautilus has an expertise which eases and contributes better effects of our new organization body. The project «Care Leavers Voices» is project within strategic goal to develop policy and practice that are related to youth who leaves alternative care. It supports them to develop their overall inclusion in Bosnian society.»


Milan sees 2019 as continuation of his education in economics and business through MA in IT management and volunteering work for humanitarian organizations such as «Kruh sv. Ante». His secret of achievements is that he works what he loves and what makes him happy.

«In this way I strengthen myself and gain more competencies for the open business market.»

Autobiographies, such as Steve Jobs’s, are his favorite literature:

«To solve certain problem and obstacle that I face with in my life I find a help in reading literature such as strategic management, leadership of human resources. They describe solutions in picturesque way. I want to emphasize that most of books I have read are autobiographies. I take a message and ways for a solution from them. I am really thrilled when I read about Steve Jobs.”

For the end of our chat Milan shares with us his vision for Bosnian youth:

«Firstly, I’d like youth to set vision and goals before themselves about WHAT do they want to achieve on personal and business plan. Once they know it and they start to listen it by heart, and in the meantime they follow the plane – success is guaranteed. »

(Photo: NGO Nautilus)