After successful bachelor graduation on University of Sarajevo (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo) and innovation of air-pollution cleaner that has been publicly presented Tarik Hadžović (Excellence Academy Bosnia and Herzegovina Alumni 2016) enrolled in master studies on one of the most known faculties in the field, in Aachen in Germany.

He was close to finish his studies in the subject “Motor and Vehicles” when motivation to study in world’s leading automotive industry in Germany was born.


Excellence Academy Alumni

“To me the choice to find the university in Germany in this filed was logical and after comprehensive research I applied to RWTH Aachen. There are numerous reasons for my choice but the main is the reputation that the University has in Germany. At the same time, I liked that the University is in a smaller town which meant that living costs are also more affordable. In addition to mentioned there is no additional cost for foreign students in Germany.”

Tarik’s day is busy and he organizes it in a way to maximize learning related to regular school courses and German because the regular study course program is in English language. During the workdays he finds time for doing the sport which he used to train actively in the past.

“When I turn back, I think that sport played significant role in shaping me as a person I am today. Throughout the sport I have learned to be persistent in the times when things don’t goas expected and that there is no success that falls from the sky. The most important of everything the sport taught me is to thrive to be the best and not be satisfied with mediocrity. All of these values have been extremely important for me when I transferred from the world of sport into the world of academy. Today, I do not play actively but still I do have recreational sport activities.”

Tarik was one of the bets students on Bachelor studies and he thrived to be among the best students, he spent more time to master the knowledge because he knew that only that hard path can bring him achievement.

«I am happy that I have chosen that path because otherwise I believe that I could not have the possibility to study on the university such as RWTH Aachen.»

Tarik finds that reading and meeting different cultures plays significant role in broadening the knowledge.

«I am attending different workshops that offer intercultural trainings that ease functioning in heterogenous groups and in which there are people from all over the world. »

When he thinks of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its youth and things we may change Tarik mentioned two things:

«The first is to find what they like and what they are interested in and to pursue education in that field. I think that people who love what they do can more easily be successful and change something in their community. The second is to thrive to be the best they can and to go beyond mediocrity. I am quite sure that each of us can find something in which he/she can be excellent.  Truly, only this is the way we can change something no matter what our field of expertise may be.»